Two decades of excellence...

Since 1986, Inverto has specialized in three fields of electronics and product design. We are proud to present you our taglines.

  • Ingenious innovative
  • Enlighting in lighting
  • Wireless and inductive power
  • Environmental friendly applications
  • Power electronics
  • Engineering annex production

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Inverto joins SEEL consortium

New Solutions for Energy Efficient Lighting solutions are needed for the near future. Open innovation and joint engineering efforts accelerate companies roadmap for efficient lighting solutions. A strong European group has started to work on these solutions and Inverto is glad to be able to bring in its competence and expertise in this SEEL consortium.

Operations and beyond ...

In-house prototyping in Belgium and full production in Slovakia.

In-house procurement driven from Belgium using partners worldwide.

Full Supplier Qualification and production procedures.

Quality driven all the time for prototyping and for full production.

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True white light

Inverto develops efficient LEDs for true white light in general lighting applications and technical lamps, like studio soft lights. The color temperature (CCT) is adjustable from 2300K to 9000K and the color rendering index (CRI) is > 92%. Nearly perfect daylight.

Around these magnificent LEDs, we design the fixture and the electronics for your OEM product.

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Inverto joins Flanders’ Drive

Inverto joins the Flanders’ drive consortium to further develop its networking in automotive industry and continue its research activities for automotive applications. Mainly the rush to the electrification of vehicles...

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Digital control

This year, Inverto looks back on 20 years of digital control of power electronics.

  • Motor drives
  • Digital lamp ballasts
  • Mid frequent induction generators
  • Solar inverters

And since 5 years, we have been building up experience in

  • Digital LED drivers for Lighting, Studio Lighting and Entertainment lighting
  • Gigabit networks for LED entertainment lighting

We know how to deal with digital control, embedded software, advanced configurable logic.

We  take care about safety aspects, approbations and EMC.

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